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Family Therapy

Family Therapy
Parents are the most important ingredient in the process of child and/or adolescent therapy.  When parents call my office for help, they are often frustrated and afraid.  Selecting a therapist to treat your child can be extremely stressful as well.  Can I trust this person with my child?  How will I know what is happening in the therapy sessions?  Here at CVCC you will always know what is happening because you will always be involved.  Parents are the foundation on which children build their lives.   

Through the Family Centered Regulatory Therapy Process I will support and empower you in strengthening your foundation so that you can be the powerful influence in your child’s life.  I will provide you with effective tools and strategies to implement at home that will immediately begin to change your family dynamic from one of tension and disappointment to one of positive connection and hope.  So whether your child has mild attention deficits or severe behaviors that frighten you, I’m here to help with a process that’s proven to work even in the most difficult cases.  Common issues that are regularly referred to the Central Valley Counseling Center are…

  • Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorders:  Separation Anxiety, School Phobia, Generalized
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder
  • Depression, Dysthymia
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Adjustment Disorder
    (See Diagnosis)

Private Parent Sessions
Private Parent Session.  All initial sessions are parents only. During these sessions I will obtain a full developmental history of your child(ren), explore your presenting problems, obtain your family of origin history, develop a treatment plan, introduce key concepts that will guide our work together, and practice interventions that you will use in family therapy with your child(ren). (See Fees)  

Parent/Child Sessions
Parent/Child Sessions vary depending on the age and issues of each child.  Areas of focus that are usually addressed include Structure, Challenge, Nurturing, Engaging, Affect Regulation and age appropriate communication skills.  Each of these topics is impacted by both parent and child.  Parent-child interactions will determine the goals and treatment interventions. (See Fees)  

Family Sessions
Family Sessions are focused on helping each member of the family see their own value, uniqueness and importance and the value, uniqueness and importance of each member.  Sessions also provide a safe process for working through hurt, anger, and resentments.  A family mission statement is developed and dialogue is facilitated in a safe and structured manner so as to allow all to express authentic feelings and feel listened to, understood, and cared about.  (See Fees)  

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is for those who have attended a workshop and need ongoing support to implement specific interventions.  Parents who have completed their child/family therapy work yet still desire ongoing support on an as needed basis are also eligible for parent coaching.  Coaching packages are pre-paid and can be used in as small as 15 minute increments up to one hour.  Parent coaching is not therapy however it does provide support, advice and solutions to behavior-specific issues that are being targeted.  It is goal driven and time limited. (See Coaching Package) Parenting Group Parenting Group is a 12 week group offered following completion of one of the parenting seminars.  Parenting group strengthens, practices, and reinforces key concepts learned in the parenting seminar.  Parenting group also provides each parent with an opportunity to grow and heal their own unresolved hurts.  This facilitates the development of increased regulation and conscious responding with your own children. (See Coaching Package)