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"Imago Parenting": Connected Parents-Thriving Kids 8 Week Course

Thu, May 3, 201210:30 AM

We are excited to bring this 8 week Imago Parenting Course to Fresno called "Connected Parents-Thriving Kids". Imago provides a practical way to understand what your children are trying to say to you through their behavior.  We teach you how to listen to their underlying message.  That will leave your children feeling good about being heard.

As you become more tuned-in to your children's underlying experience, you will be able to respond to them in a way that they can easily understand and respect.

Part of the art of listening to your children is being aware that much of our own emotional reaction is rooted in our own childhood and life experiences.  This awareness will enable you to be even better at tuning-in to your child. Experiences that might have been frustratiaang before can now become opportunities for connection.

By reducing flare-ups and emotional outbursts, relationships become more fun, and you will have more opportunities to simply enjoy being with your children.  For more information please email your interest to or call 559-908-2991.