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Marriage & Couples Therapy


Marriage & Couples Therapy
Marriage Counseling is a great way to deepen an already great relationship, however, most people seek counseling after one or both partners have been disconnected for an extended period of time.  Unmet needs, hurts, anger, and resentments weaken the connection and lead to detachment.  This pattern has the potential to place the marriage at risk and eventually into a crisis.  At critical times like these you want to make sure you have a therapist who has the training and expertise to guide you through either the turbulence of intense emotions or one that can draw you out of indifference and into connection. Although    80 % of counselors say that they do marriage counseling, only 12% of those counselors have ever had more than one class in marriage counseling, and many have had none.  I specialize in Imago Relationship Therapy which is designed to accomplish three primary goals…  

  1. Healing and Growth
  2. Restoring Connection and Intimacy  
  3. Development of Mature and Lasting Relationship Skills   

You have several options and entry points to begin your Imago Journey…  

Private Sessions
Private Sessions of Imago Relationship Therapy are 50-90 minutes in length and are held weekly or every other week.  The number of sessions depends on the unique needs of each couple. (See Fees)

Couples Group
Couples Group is held two times a month with a maximum of 5 couples per group.  Couples are encouraged to attend 12 sessions however may continue for as long as desired.  Completion of 4 private sessions or completion of the 6 week New Way to Love Seminar is a requirement prior to group membership.  (See Fees), (See Group Therapy)  

Educational Seminars
Marriage seminars are educational in nature and are not therapy sessions.  Lectures, discussion, skills/tools, practice and optional sharing are key elements of these seminars. Seminars may range from a 3 hour session to 2 hour sessions held over a 6 week period. (See Seminars)  

Couples Intensives
Intensives are extended private therapy sessions that may last from 3 to 6 hours per day (with breaks of course!) and can be held over one to three consecutive days.  These sessions are geared for Couples in crisis and/or for those who have difficult schedules and are not able to schedule a weekly appointment.  (See Intensives)  

Crisis Intervention Package
Couples in Crisis can expect to require a minimum of one year of counseling support to get back on track in their relationship.  The Crisis Intervention Package includes an initial 3 hour session, weekly private sessions for 12 weeks, every other week sessions for 3 months, and 6 months of Couples group therapy (twice a month).  Additional Private Sessions and/or intensives can be added as needed in conjunction with Couples group participation.  (See Fees)  

Couple to Couple Mentoring Program

Pastors from various denominations are invited to select 1-3 couples to be trained as mentor couples in the NEW WAY TO LOVE Program designed to give couples practical tools to re-connect and deepen their relationships.  Selected Couples will attend the 6 week NEW WAY TO LOVE educational seminar presented by a certified Imago Therapist.  These couples will then return to their respective churches and offer this program to their congregation.  CVCC will provide on-going support to these mentor couples through a bi-monthly mentor couples group process.  This allows the mentor couple to receive support for their own marriage and to deepen their understanding of the NWTL program so as to be able to bring the marriage seminar to their own congregation with confidence.  (See Fees)