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Regulation Parenting - Combines The Great Behavior Breakdown and Imago Parenting Connected Parents-Thriving Kids Techniques

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This course will give you a basic understanding of Family Centered Regulatory Therapy and teach you specific interventions for the most challenging behaviors parents and childcare professionals face.  Specific Behaviors addressed will depend on the participants and their primary concerns.  Following are many of the behaviors that the Stress Model and Interventions are designed to treat:   Lying, transition issues, stealing, self mutilation, aggression, defiance, no conscience, and chores, mealtime, hoarding, gorging, bedtime, bath time, brushing teeth, public humiliation of parents, poor social skills, learning difficulties, chattering, clinging, whining, no eye contact, no touch, too much touch, masturbation, perpetration, and pet perversion.

Imago Connects: Part I – 3 hr. Seminar
This is an introductory seminar introducing the hidden life and meaning of conflict and the tools for dissolving conflict:  Imago Relationship Processes
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Through Conflict to Connection: Part 2 – 3 two hr. Seminars
This seminar expands understanding of Imago Relationship Processes and allows more time for practice of skills
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New Way to Love:  6-week Seminar
This course is 6 consecutive weeks for 2 hours each session that provides theory and practice of basic Imago Relationship Processes and introduces and practices additional tools for deepening connection
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Start Right – Stay Connected:  Pre-marital Prep - One Day Seminar
This course guides the couple in developing mature relationship skills through the use of intentional dialogue and creating a relationship vision for creating the marriage of their dreams. (Flyer)

An Intensive is an extended therapy session and can be for a couple, a family, or a group.  Intensives are a great option for those who want quick results and have limited time for scheduling weekly sessions.  Intensives range from 3 -8 hours and are scheduled on Mondays, Fridays and occasionally on Saturdays (Fees are higher on Saturdays).  Intensives for individuals are one to two day group therapy workshops that have a specific focus such as:  Expressive Therapy, Trauma Work, Emotional Regulation Skills Training, Anger Management, Attachment Parenting etc. (See Fees) (See Intensives)